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Welcome to Domains Fun and Domain Advice. Read this before buying a new domain name!

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Doing what you love? Yes domains are fun also! Good domain names make online businesses shine. With a great name and logo, your business is going to rock! We sell domains that you could be yours in just 24 - 48hrs. From PREMIUM domains to keyword and exact names. Creating a new name from scratch? No problem, we can show you the ropes! We know domaining can be both fun and profitable. The rewards are clear, those who stick at it in the long term will make serious money. Flipping, Parking or Developing Websites or Apps is BIG BUSINESS and provides opportunity for its new comers. When buying or registering a domain name you want to think long term, how youre going to use it PROFITABLY.

Marketable domains -Ours are useful and memorable. A good example of this would be FAIRESTCASINO.COM or! Company owners or business sharks will look for preowned, expiring or dropped domains. These are the best to buy because they usually have many backlinks, mentions and traffic. You should check via SEO/domain tools before buying. We offer low to mid range domains. Aged domains, names that have ranked in Google and new.

Valuation. Make no mistake, any domain can have great potential, depending on the SEO and marketing of that domain name. But domain sellers and flippers usually stick with aged domains and specific types of domains to earn profit. Take a quick look at the current Domains Auctions at Sedo, Cax or Flippa. Some of our names are hand registered and have yet to take off. They are carefully thought out, researched and ready for you to launch yourself. After researching we know which names take off and which dont - Skype MaxineMedia for a consultation.

The most important thing is holding on to your domain names, the older they are, the higher they rank. While youre learning about how to park them and add Adsense. Or build them into fully fledged viral blogs or a business website or youre paying an assistant to research your keywords and do Development and SEO for you, dont ever give in or lose hope. Sometimes people can be negative and then buy the name from under you. After your hard work just let the fruit ripen. The best way to do this is to find a cheap domain registrar and set your favourite names to auto renew. The best are: 1 NameSilo, 2 3 Namecheap Get your .fun .live or .party!

Or if you are going to launch your business today, you will need great hosting and SEO tools and a great domain name, you can speak to the customer service team and get a package thats right for you! hosting is ultra fast. Get the deal!>>> Crazy Domains 2.99 domains cheap .com offer - one per customer / New Business Starter Package - on OFFER! (includes fast hosting, free domain name, email & webspace to store your files)

Beware of introductory prices, at the top in various search engines there is usally a catch such as: very expensive renewal and contract hosting the next year and you could and probably will lose your domain name. Or you may register in various accounts and forget some. Thats the reason we recommend only sticking to 1 or 2 registrars.

Hosting speed is very important for your new website to succeed. We recommend mid range web hosting. If you use shared hosting, in your C panel you can click optimize to compress your website and make it run smoothly. Ultimately the best and most affordable choice for a business or a person delveloping blogs or websites/apps daily would be SSD turbo thats one before VPS hosting.

The FUN...

The most fun things you can do with your domains are Forums, Social Sites and Dating Sites. These can be installed with Softaculous Package/CPanel Hosting. All you need is a little bit of common sense and a few followers -installing a blog, a file management system or CMS (content Management System) used for websites, mobile sites, blogs and APPS, any of the amazing apps in this FREE pack (hosting dashboard) An ADULT TUBE 18+ site can be built in under 5 minutes and could make you BIG revenue.. See instructions and grab the FREE template code here

WINNING! Its a great feeling to win that domain you wanted! Resell/market via Instagram - Using nice images!

The best thing you can do with a business idea is buy a domain specific to your skills, expertise or line of work and do what you love. Your business will end up being in directories and you could end up making a fortune.

Network with people and talk to people and they will always follow your projects and pages.

Making it legal. So far we know that having terms of use, privacy and about pages are important, for your visitors Google and yourself! You can get templates for these for free or rewrite and edit them yourself. A large page looks nicer than small text, either way. Companies need to show their ID. EU cookies policy, SSL now required. Affiliates need to put a sponsored by or 3rd party discalimer in plain view. (We may earn commission from ads!)

Parking pages yourself. Depending on the amount of traffic, you may choose to park with anyone, we wont give too many examples. Ultimately I decided to park via Cax. As a premium member I can sell my domains at 95% Happy to help with any queries just drop me a line Skype MaxineMedia!